Water Damage Photo Gallery

Toilet Leak

Leaks from hot water heaters, sinks, showers, or in this case toilets can happen to anyone. If a water leak happens in your house be prepared and call SERVPRO of Decaturto help with the damages.

Water Damage from Washing Machine

A leaking washing machine caused water to get all over the floor in this homeowner's laundry room. Since the resident was out when this leak occurred it caused a water stain to form on the ceiling. Once the water was discovered these homeowners called SERVPRO to help them deal with the damages.

Residential Fire and Water Damage

After an electrical fire started in the attic of this rental home the fire department was called to put out the flames. While the fire eventually did stop the house sustained damages from both the fire and water used from the fire department. Our crew cleaned up the debris and went on to perform fire and water mitigation at this home.

Blistered Trim in Bathroom

When a pipe in the hall bathroom sprung a leak it caused the walls to get wet and the paint around this door frame to blister. Our crew had to come in and remove the trim of this door as well as other structural aspects in the bathroom. 

If you see any blistering like this in your home let SERVPRO of Decatur know so that we can help you find the source of the problem!

Sink Supply Line Leak

After being out of town for a week this homeowner ran into an unpleasant surprise when he discovered that the laundry sink supply line in his finished basement busted and caused damage to his entire basement, including his exercise room!

Our Techs Battle the Cold Weather to Provide Excellent Service

Production Technician, Richard Corbett prepares to battle the weather to serve our valued customers. Rain, sleet, snow or high winds can’t knock us down in getting to our customers in need.