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Making A Difference

After one of our production managers returned from assisting during Hurricane Florence in the Carolinas, he said he would never forget driving through the flooded neighborhoods and seeing the devastation all around him. He said that it was an honor to assist and get homeowners on their feet after that horrible catastrophe.

Oops, You Missed a Spot!

Do you think you are seeing mold in your bathroom? Well, bathrooms contain the perfect environment for mold, there is a lot of moisture, warmth and poor ventilation. If you don’t know how to handle the cleanup up process, call a professional. SERVPRO of Decatur can help you take care of the problem.

Water Damage and Mold

If you ever experience a water damage, and the water restoration process was not done properly, mold can start spreading under your floor boards and up the walls very quickly. Be sure to check for signs of mold growth if you had a leaky appliance, a faulty hot water heater, or a water loss. If you don’t know how to proceed, call SERVPRO of Decatur today.

Hot Water Heater v. Your Home

One of our customers returned home to find that the hot water heater in the basement was leaking and had sprayed water all over the floors, up the walls and the surrounding furniture. When he discovered the damage, there was extensive mold growth on the walls and some furniture. He did the right thing and call SERVPRO of Decatur right away. Let us help you get rid of it!

We can help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

At SERVPRO of Decatur, we have highly trained professionals available to help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week for any kind of water or fire emergency cleanup. One of our crew members took this wonderful picture as they were loading the trucks very early in the morning before going to a big commercial job.

Hurricane Florence

During Hurricane Florence, SERVPRO of Decatur was able to go to South Carolina and help with the mitigation process after devastating floods hit that wonderful state. Our crews worked 12+ hour days in houses that did not have electricity or running water. They had to rip flooring, drywall, water logged contents, etc., and they did not complain once. They knew that they were making a difference with the homeowners.

Toilet Leak

Leaks from hot water heaters, sinks, showers, or in this case toilets can happen to anyone. If a water leak happens in your house be prepared and call SERVPRO of Decaturto help with the damages.

Rogue Tree

Strong winds have the ability to destroy anything that gets in its way, and the tree outside this home was no match for the storm that hit it. If a storm causes damage like this to your home let SERVPRO help you out!

Storm Causes Damage to Floors

A storm can hit your home at any time during the year. When a thunderstorm blew through this neighborhood the winds got so strong that they ripped part of the roof off, sending water all throughout the home. If a storm hits your home, let SERVPRO of Decatur help you out with the damages!

Mold Growth on Furniture

When a hot water heater busted in these homeowners unfinished basement it spread water all over the floor and items being stored down there. All of the water caused mold to grow on some of the contents including this piece of furniture. If you ever run into mold in your home, let SERVPRO of Decatur help you get rid of it!

Ready to Serve Our Community

24-hours a day, 7 days a week, we are ready to serve our community! As a trusted leader in the restoration industry, SERVPRO of Henry/Spalding/Clayton and Decatur has highly trained technicians that are dedicated to responding faster to any size disaster. We provide 24-hour emergency service and have the training and expertise to handle your restoration and cleaning needs.

Don't forget to blow out your candles!

After a candle was left burning without anyone watching it, it caught fire to this homeowners bedroom. Thankfully the fire was put out before it could spread throughout the house, but many things in the bedroom were destroyed such as this jewelry holder! SERVPRO of Decatur was able to come in and help restore the damaged bedroom!

Warehouse Flood

No business owner or employee wants to walk into their warehouse on a Monday morning and find puddles of water all over the floor! When a burst pipe causes a disaster like this in your warehouse, let SERVPRO help clean it up!

Bedroom Fire

When a candle was left burning unattended it caused a fire to break out in this homeowner's bedroom! Luckily the fire was caught pretty quickly and did not spread throughout the house. Our SERVPRO fire crew came in to fix the affected wall and help this homeowner forget about this disaster!

Water Damage from Washing Machine

A leaking washing machine caused water to get all over the floor in this homeowner's laundry room. Since the resident was out when this leak occurred it caused a water stain to form on the ceiling. Once the water was discovered these homeowners called SERVPRO to help them deal with the damages.

Mold Damage from Toilet Overflow

After a homeowner had problems with his toilet overflowing he did not notice how extensive the damages really were. The water was able to sit for a couple days without being taken care of which caused mold like this to grown on close by areas such as this closet. If you have a problem with water overflow or see mold growth in your home give SERVPRO a call and let us help you deal with the damages.

Cooking Gone Wrong!

A cooking mishap led to a grease fire in this home causing their microwave to be almost completely destroyed. The fire created smoke and soot damage throughout the home, so SERVPRO of Decatur swooped in to help clean and restore the home!

Water Damage in Conference Room!

A pipe can burst at any time and cause water damage throughout your commercial business. If you ever are forced to deal with a mess like this, follow in this company's footsteps and call SERVPRO of Decatur to help clean up and restore your business!

Moldy Walls in Basement

When a hot water heater busted in these homeowners basement it spread water all over the floor and items being stored down there. All of the water caused mold to grow on some of the walls including the bathroom pictured. If you ever run into mold in your home, let SERVPRO of Decatur help you get rid of it!

Destructive House Fire

This was the aftermath of a fire that broke out in the master bedroom of this home. Our crew rushed over to this scene after hours in order to help these homeowners through this stressful and emotional situation. SERVPRO of Decatur wasted no time and went ahead and boarded up two exterior windows in this home to prevent any further damage from the rain that was expected to come in the next couple days. 

Residential Fire and Water Damage

After an electrical fire started in the attic of this rental home the fire department was called to put out the flames. While the fire eventually did stop the house sustained damages from both the fire and water used from the fire department. Our crew cleaned up the debris and went on to perform fire and water mitigation at this home.

Mold Found on Drywall

Mold can be tricky to deal with and sometimes will try and hide inside your walls or floor boards. If you ever experience water damage or are aware of a leak make sure you check for signs of mold growth so that SERVPRO of Decatur can help you get rid of it before it gets too bad!

Large Tree Falls on Home

A storm that blew through did a number on this house whenbit caused a large tree to fall on and almost completely wipe out the backside of this home. SERVPRO was able to help with the aftermath of this disaster by boarding up the open sections of the home once the tree was removed.

Water Damages Merchandise

When running or managing a retail business it is very important to keep the merchandise safe and in good conditions. When water leaked into this local CD & Vinyl store the owners were nervous about all of their valuable merchandise getting destroyed. Luckily they moved quickly to minimize the damages and called SERVPRO of Decatur to help them clean up the mess!

Blistered Trim in Bathroom

When a pipe in the hall bathroom sprung a leak it caused the walls to get wet and the paint around this door frame to blister. Our crew had to come in and remove the trim of this door as well as other structural aspects in the bathroom. 

If you see any blistering like this in your home let SERVPRO of Decatur know so that we can help you find the source of the problem!

Fallen Tree Crushes Home

After lighting hit a tree in this homeowners backyard it caused the tree to fall straight onto the house and badly damage the roof and several rooms inside. Once the tree was safely removed from the home our crew at SERVPRO of Decatur came in and began treating the water damage to the inside of the home caused by the storm.

Flooded Basement Leads to Mold Growth

When this homeowner came home from a nice relaxing vacation he was startled to find that his basement was flooded from a leak in his hot water heater. Not only did he have water everywhere, but because he was gone when the leak began mold was growing all up the walls in his basement. SERVPRO came in and basically helped to remodel this basement and remove all of the water and mold damage.

Water Fountain Leak

We all recognize these water fountains and see them in almost every building we go in, but if they malfunction in your office building make sure you know who to call! SERVPRO of Decatur can be on site to help you clean up a leaking mess like this! Call us at 404-378-9998!

Mold Found on Bathroom Ceiling

Mold seeks moisture, food, and warmth all three of which a common in bathrooms with poor ventilation. If you find mold growing anywhere in or around your bathroom contact SERVPRO of Decatur and let us take care of it for you! Give us a call at 404-378-9998.

Commercial Ceiling Damage

When this Commercial property experienced an influx of water from a large rain storm they had to deal with falling ceiling tiles and water all over their floors. SERVPRO of Decatur came in to help this business in need in order for them to feel "Like it never even happened."

Residential Kitchen Fire

A fire breaking out in your home is always a scary situation. Once the fire department gets the flames put out you might be left with only half the home you once had. SERVPRO of Decatur can help you deal with the damages of any sized fire. Give us a call any time at 404-378-9998 and let us help you with fire damage like this!

Fire Damage to Outside of Home

When a fire broke out from an unknown source it caused damage to the outside of this home. Our fire crew came in and quickly dealt with the damage to this home to make the owner feel "Like it never even happened."

Home of SERVPRO of Decatur

Our professionals are ready when you need us! Our 20,000 square foot warehouse is "home" to our franchise team and fleet but also contains 10,000 square feet of storage to meet our valued customers' needs.

Roof Leak From Rain Water

When rain hit Decatur for what felt like weeks without end, this homeowner began noticing mold growing on her bathroom ceiling. Our crew later discovered that it was caused from a hole in her roof where rain water was able to get in. SERVPRO helped this homeowner through this stormy time and got her bathroom into a condition where it was safe to use again!

Sink Supply Line Leak

After being out of town for a week this homeowner ran into an unpleasant surprise when he discovered that the laundry sink supply line in his finished basement busted and caused damage to his entire basement, including his exercise room!

Our Techs Battle the Cold Weather to Provide Excellent Service

Production Technician, Richard Corbett prepares to battle the weather to serve our valued customers. Rain, sleet, snow or high winds can’t knock us down in getting to our customers in need.

Storm Damage Leads to Mold Growth

After a tree fell on this property from a big storm they thought everything was fixed since the tree was removed and the roof no longer had a hole in it. But several weeks later the homeowners began to see mold growth leading up to their attic. They called SERVPRO of Decatur where we discovered that there was damage from the tree that was never properly dealt with which caused the mold!

Training House - corporate

Our professionals train in the corporate training house in Gallatin, TN. This was designed to provide hands-on training at our corporate training facility.

The program covers all aspects of:

  • Fire Restoration
  • Water Restoration
  • Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning
  • Mold Mitigation

Preschool Academy Clean Up

Our franchise assisted a Preschool Academy open their doors after a water damage occurred. We received great feedback after the job was complete. Our goal is to make your business look and feel "Like it never even happened."