Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Rogue Tree

Strong winds have the ability to destroy anything that gets in its way, and the tree outside this home was no match for the storm that hit it. If a storm causes damage like this to your home let SERVPRO help you out!

Storm Causes Damage to Floors

A storm can hit your home at any time during the year. When a thunderstorm blew through this neighborhood the winds got so strong that they ripped part of the roof off, sending water all throughout the home. If a storm hits your home, let SERVPRO of Decatur help you out with the damages!

Large Tree Falls on Home

A storm that blew through did a number on this house whenbit caused a large tree to fall on and almost completely wipe out the backside of this home. SERVPRO was able to help with the aftermath of this disaster by boarding up the open sections of the home once the tree was removed.

Fallen Tree Crushes Home

After lighting hit a tree in this homeowners backyard it caused the tree to fall straight onto the house and badly damage the roof and several rooms inside. Once the tree was safely removed from the home our crew at SERVPRO of Decatur came in and began treating the water damage to the inside of the home caused by the storm.

Roof Leak From Rain Water

When rain hit Decatur for what felt like weeks without end, this homeowner began noticing mold growing on her bathroom ceiling. Our crew later discovered that it was caused from a hole in her roof where rain water was able to get in. SERVPRO helped this homeowner through this stormy time and got her bathroom into a condition where it was safe to use again!

Storm Damage Leads to Mold Growth

After a tree fell on this property from a big storm they thought everything was fixed since the tree was removed and the roof no longer had a hole in it. But several weeks later the homeowners began to see mold growth leading up to their attic. They called SERVPRO of Decatur where we discovered that there was damage from the tree that was never properly dealt with which caused the mold!