Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Commercial Pipe Break

Pipes have a tendency to break from time to time, but you never think that a pipe in your home or business is going to be the one that fails you. After a pipe &... READ MORE

Commercial Ice Maker Leak

Work is usually stressful enough without having to deal with extra building maintenance, but we cannot always control the outcomes of certain situations. So whe... READ MORE

Commercial Fire and Water Damage

When a fire broke out in a building for a Nonprofit Organization in Georgia it caused large amounts of damage to the ceiling, but when the sprinkler system turn... READ MORE

Damaged Commercial Stairwell

When a water valve directly above a local commercial client’s stairwell malfunctioned, SERVPRO of Decatur swooped in to save the day! The malfunction pour... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage

On January 20th, 2015, a local municipality called and requested our emergency services due to extreme cold weather to cause a broken pipe on the second floor o... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage

When this local business experiences water damage in their ceiling, our team at SERVPRO rushed in to help save the day! The challenge on this particular commerc... READ MORE